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Provider Resources

Access to Care
Access Standards Requirements
  1. Refer to the access to care standards guide HERE for more detail.
Billing Information
Claims Reference Guide
  1. For a Claims Reference Guide, click HERE.
ECHO Provider Notification FAQs
  1. For questions related to ECHO Health, a provider of electronic solutions for payments to healthcare providers, click HERE.
Cultural & Linguistics Information
Interpreter Services - Quick Guide
  1. Every patient has the right to request free interpreter services to communicate with our providers and staff. Provide this guide to patients for their rights. The guide is available HERE.
Electronic Health Records Tools
Request a New Account (AltaMed Contracted Providers)
  1. This tip sheet is to guide AltaMed's contracted provider groups through the process of requesting a new account and new users for a limited access to AltaMed's Electronic Health Records. Click HERE to access the tip sheet.
IPA Provider Manual
Provider Manual
  1. For AltaMed Provider Manual, click HERE.
  2. For Omnicare Provider Manual, click HERE.
  3. For LaSalle Medical Associates Provider Manual, click HERE.
PDR Forms & Notices
Provider Dispute Resolution (PDR) Form
  1. You may submit a provider dispute resolution form to:
    1. Challenge, appeal or request reconsideration of a claim that has been denied, adjusted or contested.
    2. Challenge a request for reimbursement for an overpayment of a claim.
    3. Seek resolution of a billing determination or other contractual dispute.
  2. Click HERE to access the form.
  3. Click HERE to view the Non-Contracted Provider Appeals Process.
Portal Support
Access to Capitation and Eligibility Reports
  1. As a Practice or Portal Administrator, you can now obtain access to Capitation and Eligibility Report. Provider's signature may be required to obtain Admin access. Click HERE for more details.
User Manual to CONNECT
  1. CONNECT is Altura MSO's secure, HIPAA compliant web portal for electronic transactions. You can use it to verify member eligibility, submit authorizations, check claims, and view capitation reports. Click HERE to access the user manual.
Guide to Uploading a Specialty Note Visit to CONNECT
  1. Use this step-by-step guide to upload a specialty note visit to CONNECT. Click HERE.
Provider Support
Support Center (AltaMed)
  1. In the spirit of commitment and continuous improvement to support our contracted network of providers, a new provider support line was created. Please click HERE for more details.
Health Information Management Request
  1. To request for medical records or urgent care visits at AltaMed Medical Sites.
    1. Fax request to 323-201-3212 for routine requests.
    2. Email recordrequest@altamed.org for urgent requests.
Reference Guide
Provider Network Management Contacts (AltaMed & Omnicare)
  1. The reference guide contains contact information for AltaMed and Omnicare network of providers. Click HERE to access the reference guide.
LaSalle Medical Associates
  1. Click HERE to access Medi-Cal New Provider Training Attestation Requirement.

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