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Power and Performance

Altura’s cloud-based environment allows us to leverage the newest hardware technology available without massive upgrades and their associated downtime.

Altura combines modern cloud computing and automation which enables us to move to new hardware platforms quickly and securely. Our systems are designed with portability in mind to seamlessly take advantage of improvements and newer processors and faster, more-reliable storage systems. Applications can be transitioned to new hardware during a short maintenance window with high reliability.

Full Scalability

We can quickly scale up to accommodate the growth of your business. Since we do not rely on fixed hardware we can adjust our computing resources to match your needs, quickly and securely.

With a range of cloud computing hardware at our disposal, our computing and storage systems can be upgraded during normal maintenance windows in just hours. Our cloud platforms offer unparalleled flexibility to right-size our systems to match our clients’ workloads and address performance challenges as they arise. We can test, validate and implement new technologies quickly and safely as they become available.


Our premium monitoring team watches over our systems to ensure the security of your data. They identify active and potential threats communicating them to our systems team for rapid mitigation.

Our cybersecurity partners monitor our systems for potential security threats and proactively analyze our systems to address security threats before they can act. A 24x7 Security Operations Center tracks global issues and trends so we are prepared for emerging scenarios. Unified log collection and analysis provide us with feedback on vulnerabilities for rapid resolution.


Our systems were built to be redundant or highly-available. We maintain operations in two datacenters and use various replication technologies to ensure systems and data are quickly copied to remote sites for storage or retrieval.

We leverage modern technology options such as Continuous Data Replication, Always-On SQL clustering and snapshots wherever appropriate to ensure encrypted copies of all client data are securely copied and stored in different datacenters. Our applications and systems are replicated to a disaster recovery datacenter on the East Coast, ready for rapid activation should our primary datacenters become unavailable.

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Our disaster recovery plans are designed for replication of data and systems to datacenters in separate U.S. regions, ensuring your business stays working regardless of real-world challenges which may affect a city or even multiple states.

Our disaster recovery plans include hosting operations in Tier 3 datacenters in separate U.S. geographic regions, to weather literal storms as well as technological ones. Our disaster recovery plans ensure our teams are flexible and can quickly adapt to whatever challenge is on the horizon. Our datacenters are in constant communication, replicating encrypted data between sites for rapid recovery of our business operations.

Virtual Desktop Environment

Our teams can access their virtual desktops securely using industry-standard encryption technologies, regardless of where they are. With the flexibility to work from home or any internet-connected location, our workforce adapts to today’s turbulent times without skipping a beat.

Virtual desktops provide unparalleled secure access to each worker’s personal environment, regardless of where they are. Our entire workforce operates in a hybrid model so they are trained and accustomed to remote-work scenarios, allowing us to efficiently move workers and departments to the best-suited locations. All access is via end-to-end encrypted channels to ensure data remains secure and protected from bad actors.

Proprietary Adjudication Platform

Our highly trained staff have at their fingertips time-tested custom developed tools which allow them to process sensitive medical data securely, efficiently, and with strict adherence to regulatory and compliance mandates.

We use a combination of industry-standard software (eg.: EZ-CAP) and in-house custom developed solutions (SHARE & CONNECT Managed Care Platform) to improve our productivity as well as extend our capabilities to meet client priorities. With decades of combined health care experience, our development teams can adapt our custom modules and create new ones to meet the ever-changing requirements of today’s health care providers. With reinforced focus on automation, we continue to refine and employ auto adjudication mechanisms to minimize potential for human error and improve efficiencies.

Software Development & Business Intelligence

Each of our clients has unique needs and priorities. In-house development allows us to quickly address those priorities and to cater to the needs of our clients.

Our own, experienced software development teams give us the flexibility to design, develop and implement new features and capabilities when needed and without delay. Focused on security and testing we excel at streamlining workflows, timely addressing regulatory requirements and implementing innovative solutions that continuously improve access to information for our providers and business partners.

Let us help you manage the challenges of the rapidly-evolving health care industry.