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About Us

High-quality management services to health care providers.

Our Mission

At Altura, we provide management services to health care providers. Our mission is to free the administrative burdens of operating a medical practice, thereby allowing our clinician partners to focus on patient care. We elevate quality outcomes for patients, by incorporating value-based care objectives throughout our health care networks ⏤ while also enabling financial success of our clients. We are committed to innovation and investment in the latest technologies. We focus on building solutions that address the needs of our providers and their patients.



Our goal is to become the leading MSO in the nation by delivering exemplary management services and unmatched satisfaction for clients. We hope to elevate quality outcomes by incorporating value-based care objectives targeted towards our health care delivery networks through the latest technology.


Unifying people & innovation to deliver better care


Patients always come first


Commitment to client satisfaction


Employees are our most valuable asset


Encourage process excellence and innovation for quality outcomes


Integrity, honesty, and respect in all of our endeavors


Commitment to teamwork

Let us help you manage the challenges of the rapidly-evolving health care industry.