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Managed Care

Digital excellence drives our efforts to support premium patient care and provider financial success
Superior Administrative Support for Health Care Entities

Our Mission

At Altura, we provide management services to health care providers. Our mission is to alleviate the administrative burdens of operating a medical practice, thereby allowing our clinician partners to focus on patient care. We elevate quality outcomes for patients, by incorporating value-based care objectives throughout our health care networks -- while also enabling financial success of our clients. We are committed to innovation and investment in the latest technologies. We focus on building solutions that address the needs of our providers and their patients.


We have implemented multi-cloud technology environment and developed custom software in order to provide a broad spectrum of benefits and advantages.

Power and

Reliable and up-to-date computing and storage platform.

Full Scalability

No need to buy hardware. We scale up as you grow.


Dedicated cybersecurity monitoring services.


A second unit is always operating to ensure data is secure.

Integrated Disaster Recovery

Multiple data centers thousands of miles apart.

Virtual Desktop Environment

100% of workforce can work from office or anywhere there is secure internet.

Proprietory Adjudication Platform

Unrivaled in efficiency and compliance, with high levels of automation.

Software Development & Business Intelligence

We customize our service deliver to meet your unique needs.

Management Services

Full-scale services to manage Staffing Model Groups, IPAs, PACE, and more.


Committed to comprehensive value-based care for optimum patient outcomes. 

Claims Operations

Timely and accurate adjudication of claims and payment.

Customer Support Center

Providing superior customer service without exception.


Accurately maintain client eligibility.


Comprehensive program to monitor and evaluate quality, appropriateness and outcome of care and services.

Provider Data & Configuration

Maintain providers and payment rates in EZ Cap.


Accurate and effective credentialing process.

Provider Network Management

Assists in development of your provider networks and serve as your primary liaison.

Let us help you manage the challenges of the rapidly-evolving health care industry.